Announcing Inaugural 2021 First Broods Competition

Announcing the First Broods Competition for seadragon photographers! SeadragonSearch invites you to submit the first photos of this year’s brooding seadragons for our inaugural 2021 First Broods Competition! Our research team, along with many of you, is interested to know when seadragon brooding begins in each state in any given year.

Awesome mugs with the competition logo will be awarded for the first photos of male seadragons with eggs in each state submitted to SeadragonSearch (for both shallow-water species). And we will keep you all updated on the first sightings throughout the season!

To participate, simply keep an eye out for seadragons with eggs on your dives during the coming months, carefully photograph them according to the SeadragonSearch Code of Conduct, and submit your photos to SeadragonSearch here. Send any questions to us at [email protected], and be sure spread the word!